B. Living – Rattan pendants and wooden stump stools.
The Scandinavian way. 


Unique collection of rattan pendants, wooden stump stools and more

A Family-run business from Finland

From workshops in Indonesia to B.Living warehouse. No middle-men.

”Be natural. Be unique. B. Living”


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B. Living is believing in natural design and high-quality craftmanship. Our Scandinavian-styled collection of rattan pendants and wooden stump stools is sourced and designed by us and made by craftsmen in Indonesia. Now available to Europe excl. the largest rattan pendants. Orders through e-mail/instagram only.
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B. Living warehouse is located in South-Western corner of Finland, in a small city of Raisio, where the products are packed and shipped to customers in Finland and abroad. With some size exceptions, our collection of wooden stools and rattan pendants is now available for shipping to most of the European countries. At the moment, we are serving our international customers for orders through e-mail or direct message on instagram. Please send your enquiry/order to:

E-mail: info@b-living.fi
Instagram: @b.living_fi

Once we’ve received your order via e-mail, you will get instructions for payment on PayPal or by invoice. If not informed otherwise, orders are shipped within 1-3 business days from the arrival of your payment.

Any questions concerning our products, we are more than happy to assist you!

Terms and conditions


Wooden collection:
The whole assortment of wooden stools and sidetables

Rattan collection:
Size S pendants
Size M pendants
Size L pendants (excluding round pendant Myaree L)

We love over-sized rattan pendants and their size (XL) is the only limit. We are constantly working on finding affordable ways of getting also our stunning extra-large pieces available through Europe. Meanwhile, you can find a list of available products and sizes above.


Size S rattan pendants: 19,00 / 24,00 euros*
Size M rattan pendants: 19,00 / 24,00 euros*
Size L rattan pendants (exc. Myaree L): 29,00 / 34,00 euros*
Wooden stools/sidetables: 21,00 euros

* Sweden, Denmark, Germany / rest of the countries. See a full list of countries on Terms and Conditions.


All B. Living wooden products are made of wood called Suar, each piece carved from a stump with no joints needed (except sidetable Nana). Suar is a durable hardwood that is suitable for wood carving. We only use legally harvested timber in our production. The stump stools are either finished by simple sanding or oil-waxing. Each piece is unique and cracking while drying is part of its nature.

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia. It is used for furniture and handicrafts among others. Rattan continues to be an invaluable part of rural people’s livelihoods in South and Southeast Asia. Rattan is easier to harvest than timber and it also grows faster than trees. As rattan is a light and durable material it is suitable for manufacturing large pendants and even furniture.


The story of B. Living started ten years back with a simple square stool carved from an oak stump which became a treasure for its owner Silja working as an interior designer for Finnish home builders. Years later, during a sabbatical in Australia and a family holiday in Indonesia, Silja got blown away by some amazing wood work and rattan crafts by the local Indonesian people. She realized a square stump back at home could be developed into something more. After a few months of busy sketching, the first models of B. Living collection were already in the making: a whole series of unique stump stools in different shapes and several designs of eye-catching rattan pendants.

From the very start B. Living had a mission: as beautiful as the minimal Scandinavian homes could be, they often lacked a cosy feel of home. High ceilings and white walls needed something personal and unique against them. Products that have a story to tell. This is where the talented Indonesian craftsmen came to help. They could weave rattan and carve wood like nobody else. That was exactly what B. Living was looking for.

After a whole year of samples made and developed, the first collection of B. Living was launched in February 2020. Our unseen products have been received with excitement among Finnish home decorators. The essence of B. Living is after all very simple: It’s about being unique, of good quality, sustainably produced – and easy to love!

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