All our products are hand-made by local craftsmen in Indonesia. Responsibility is part of our work every day, and it was the basis for the entire collection:

Our supply chain is transparent; we have hand-picked all manufacturers in Indonesia. Products are delivered directly from workshops in Indonesia to our warehouse in Finland with no middlemen.

We have personally met the local entrepreneurs and inspected their working conditions. We know where our products come from and who have made them. We make every effort to regularly meet our manufacturers face to face.

We feel strongly about equality, and want to compensate our manufacturers properly for their work. We have complete trust in the Indonesian team’s ability to skillfully create the products we have designed.

Materials are sourced responsibly. We do not use endangered wood species such as teak. All wooden products we import are Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) licensed; this guarantees that all the material has been legally sourced. The Flegt system aims to eradicate illegal logging and promote sustainable development.

For us, the only way to do business is by fully complying with these principles


When you buy online, you can make choices that help minimise your impact on the environment. Please choose carefully before ordering to avoid product returns. If you have any concerns, e.g. questions about a suitable pendant size for your home, we will be more than happy to help you with selecting the right one. The closer we are to zero in product returns, the better we have succeeded in our efforts to protect the environment.

Buy responsibly

  1. Hand-made products are eco-friendly

  2. Responsible cooperation is built on direct contact with manufacturers

  3. NO to endangered species

  4. The origin of each batch of wood is verified

  5. Goods are imported directly without any middlemen

  6. Products made from natural materials can be recycled


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