Virtual 'Try at Home'

Would you like a taste of how one of our beautiful lamps might look like in your home? Our virtual “try at home” tool will help you choose the right size and style – all we need is a photo of the room to put your dream into vision.

This is how our service works:

-Send us an image of the room you’re planning to purchase a pendant into. E-mail:
-Let us know which model/models you are interested in as well as the room height and a possible location for the pendant.
-We will paste the lamp of your dreams into your image and you will get a response e-mail within 1-3 business days.

The service is free of charge. All images are handled confidentially and are disposed after you have received our visualization. 

Examples (before and after):

The images used in the examples are 3D stock images. A low resolution photo taken with a mobile phone is sufficient for the purpose.